Company Overview

RabloWoods Professional Services (“RabloWoods”), is a leading antifraud and compliance focused training & consulting firm in West Africa. The firm is in tune with the business world providing specialised services tailored to individual clients needs.
We have more than 20 qualified senior consultants across our value chain of services; as a team, we account to more than 100 years of combined experience as Qualified Accountants, Forensic Experts, Investigators, Legal Practitioners /Litigation Experts, Internal Auditors, External Auditors, Risk Management Specialist and Certified Fraud Examiners.
We have a team of experts with over 100 years of cumulative experience in business integrity & ethics, business process & control, compliance, fraud and risk management, forensic accounting, law, auditing / independent business monitoring, anti bribery and corruption etc. with varying industry experience including financial services, oil & gas, manufacturing, telecoms etc.

RabloWoods has formed strategic alliance with a number of international professional organizations including:

Exclusive trainer for the ACFE in Nigeria
Exclusive trainer for the ACFE in Nigeria
CIMA global learning partner
CIMA global learning partner

Why Rablowoods?

We build a fit for purpose capability for the next set of fraud fighters. We can help you institute a robust internal control framework through capacity building for staff, advisory services, and consulting activities that will help you manage the ever growing risk of fraud.

Why Are We Different?

We partner with organisation’s to assist in delivering principled performance under three (3) pillars; namely, (Ethics) Values based, (Fraud) Risk based & (Compliance) Process Improvement in order to manage today’s ever increasing risks through our training and consulting engagement.

The mission of the RabloWoods is to reduce the incidence of fraud and white-collar crime and to assist the Membership in fraud detection and deterrence.

Our vision is to help clients achieve their highest levels of sales and customer success by generating demand, winning opportunities, growing accounts, and managing sales performance, whilst reducing the risk of Fraud.

At RabloWoods, we value honesty and integrity above all else, and highly value customer and employee loyalty. We also believe in giving back to our societies, making them better places to live.

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